Mark’s First Delivery: Armoring a Warrior with Brain Cancer

Fleece & Thank You uses blanket deliveries as an opportunity to say thank you to the individuals who are helping them become a self-sustainable non-profit organization.

Individuals who participate in blanket deliveries have the opportunity to experience the difference Fleece & Thank You blankets make for pediatric inpatients first hand. They see that the children Fleece & Thank You serves are truly warriors. Their days are spent with adversity, but they continue living everyday with optimism and hope.

Mark Garmo had the opportunity to go on his first blanket delivery after working with Fleece & Thank You for a year and a half. Mark began his work as an advisor. He also provided the organization with warehouse space so they could minimize expenses while working on their business plan.

An opportunity arose for Mark to help drop off blankets at St. John’s Hospital in Grosse Pointe, Mich. He was so excited about the opportunity he cleared his afternoon schedule.


Mark met Fleece & Thank You’s team at the hospital and helped them unload the 80 blankets that were being delivered. He helped carry them into the lobby as they waited for a nurse to meet them with carts. Once the nurse arrived, they filled the carts with the blankets and went upstairs to the playroom where they opened up the bags and divided all the blankets.

On the delivery, Mark met a teenage girl who just underwent surgery for brain caner. The operation left her blind and with a portion of her skull missing.

Mark said, “She heard us walking through the hallway and yelled out to see who was there. When we walked into her room I was taken back to see that kind voice came from a young girl who has gone through more than most adults have. She was not only excited to have people to talk to, but she was so grateful for her Fleece & Thank You blanket.”

Mark always knew Fleece & Thank You did good work, but never understood the true power behind their mission until he met that young girl. He said, “All it took was a blanket, video message, and a short conversation to make a difference in this warriors day.”

Fleece & Thank You does not simply provide blankets to children in the hospital. They provide the comfort, support, and encouragement young children need to win their battles.

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