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FTY 150
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The "Fleece & Thank You 150"

What is the

FTY 150?

The Fleece & Thank You 150 (FTY 150) is a family of 150 companies, groups and organizations each donating at least 100 blankets in 2018 to help support children battling hospital treatments.

The donating organizations have the option to donate AND make the blankets with their team members OR just donate the funds for the blankets.

How will this program impact kids in the hospital?

The work of the FTY 150 community will help at least 15,000 children who are starting treatment journeys at the hospital by giving them armor for their battle through a fleece blanket and a powerful video message of support.


Who else will this program support?

Fleece & Thank You has a secondary mission to provide rewarding job experience to young adults and adults with disabilites. We partner with New Horizons and Services to Enhance Potential to provide community engagement opportunities to our friends there.

All contributions to the FTY 150 program will be used to partner with a one of these organizations or a local school, community group, or nonprofit organization. We will be able to reach groups, specifically children’s and young adults’ groups, that may have a lack of financial resources and normally wouldn’t be able to participate in the blanket-making experience.

How will participating organizations be recognized?

All FTY 150 organizations and contributors will receive our FTY 150 sponsor package benefits, including a press release and Facebook-Live video announcing they have joined the 2018 FTY 150 family, official FTY 150 mega-sign to hang at their place of business, website logo placement, and photo recognition at a 2018 hospital delivery.

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Where can I ask more questions about this program?

fty 150

For more information, please email or call 313.451.3665 and a FTY 150 program coordinator will get back with you shortly.

Please download our Info Sheet (PDF) and Graphic Flyer!

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