4 ways to get involved!

Create a Blanket and Message

Scroll along below and follow these easy steps to learn about our blanket-making process!

Schedule an Event

Want to host a blanket-making event? We provide the team, materials, and tools to make blankets with your group, and then we deliver these blankets to a battleground near you! Our events are great for team building, birthday parties, family get-togethers, or any other group looking to give back!

Ready to get your group started? Check out this packet that helps you kick off your group journey, and then connect with us so we can get your event on our calendar!

Check out some of the amazing groups we have been working with at our blanket events!

Our events are a fun way to bring your group closer by giving back to others!

Donations and More

A Fleece & Thank You blanket is more than just dollars and fleece. Every $28 you donate will mean a blanket for a child in the hospital. But there’s more: a portion of our blanket kit donations helps to fund pediatric cancer research, and our blanket kits are assembled in our warehouse by our team of young adults and adults with disabilities. We bring all of our awesome donated blanket kits to classrooms for children with cognitive impairments. There, we teach them the fine motor skills of cutting and tying, and more importantly, we provide give them an opportunity to give back to someone else. Have you ever heard of a cooler blanket?

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