Lorron James

Lorron James holds leadership positions in several family businesses where he enjoys working closely with his father, John A. James, and brother John E. James. Lorron is vice president of James Group International, a logistics company; president of Magnolia Automotive Services, a venture with Toyota Tsusho; president of TLX, a supply chain management software company; and president of JLK Holdings. He has worked in the automotive industry for 10 years and the sports industry for three years. Lorron has a passion for community involvement and service.  He currently sits on 18 boards with diverse missions. Lorron joined Fleece & Thank You’s team in late 2015 after being inspired by the will and focus of its college-age co-founders, Morgan and Nicholas, and by the board they were forming. Lorron’s continued passion for Fleece & Thank You is rooted in the comfort and support the children experience when receiving their blankets at the beginning of their stay in the hospital.

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