Blanket Day

Why is Make a Blanket Day Important?

Fleece & Thank You believes every child deserves a light in a dark time. Our mission is to provide comfort and hope to children battling illness by giving donors the unique opportunity to create a fleece blanket and video message of support.

We were inspired by our friend Sophie, 4 years old and battling neuroblastoma: tumors along the spine. At a time in her life when she should be playing with dolls and meeting new friends, Sophie is taking trips to the hospital to battle one of the toughest forms of childhood cancer. This means many rounds of difficult chemotherapy treatments involving multiple overnight stays in the hospital.

Imagine there were a colorful fleece blanket waiting on the bed for every child like Sophie who has to go in for extended treatments. Imagine if every little warrior had the armor they needed to win their battle.

Imagine the comfort we could provide by making the hospital room feel a little more like home.

Imagine the seed of hope we would plant by having this blanket awaiting their arrival.

The journey doesn’t stop there. Every “blanket buddy” (a person who makes or donates a fleece blanket) gets to make a video to send with his or her fleece blanket. This can be a short message of inspiration to the “warrior” (child battling the life-threatening illness who is receiving the blanket).

Leveraging the power of sharing, we want to connect the donor to their cause, creating a more personal and fulfilling donation experience for you, while also allowing the child who receives the blanket to feel more connected and special because they can see the face and hands that helped make it.

Many people think that our warriors do not need blankets in the summer months because the weather is warm, but the sad reality is our warriors are still battling the side effects of treatments like chemo.

Our goal for Make a Blanket Day is to make 5,000 blankets. This will help us ensure that our warriors have the comfort and support they need even in the summer months.

Join us on Make a Blanket Day to help guarantee every warrior has the armor they need for their battle. For more information on how to purchase tickets and support the event, check out our Make a Blanket Day page.

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