Morgan Garmo
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Favorite quote: "You cannot be contained because you are the container." -Jim Carey
A little more about Morgan...

When asked about her favorite Fleece & Thank You memory, Morgan replied,

I met a little girl on my first hospital delivery. It was Christmas, and she wanted to know how Santa was going to bring her gifts to the hospital. Her parents’ hearts broke as they tried to tell her they would let Santa know, but she did not believe them. When we walked in her room with a blanket, everything changed. The frown turned into a smile and her parents felt relief. We talked and showed her the video. She was reminded of her friends and everyone’s love for her. That’s when I knew every child needed the love Fleece & Thank You provides.”

Morgan Garmo is the financial officer of Fleece & Thank You and a full-time student at Albion College. Morgan finds joy in surrounding herself with people who dedicate untold hours and energies to making Fleece & Thank You a reality. She often sees young people who have dreams, but not often people who find ways to make those dreams a reality. 

Morgan has been working with Fleece & Thank You since December of 2015. She also sits on the board for Give Young, whose mission is to instill the value of philanthropy in young people in Detroit and Chicago. Morgan’s favorite part of Fleece & Thank You is seeing the profound impact the blankets and video messages have on children and their families during difficult times. Morgan has learned that the children receiving the blankets teach her more than she will ever be able to teach them through their optimism, strength, and hope.

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