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Morgan’s First Delivery: A Christmas Story

Fleece & Thank You uses blanket deliveries as an opportunity to say thank you to the individuals who are helping them become a self-sustainable non-profit organization.

Individuals who participate in blanket deliveries have the opportunity to experience the difference Fleece & Thank You blankets make for pediatric inpatients first hand. They see that the children Fleece & Thank You serves are living warriors. Their days are spent with adversity, but they continue living everyday with optimism and hope.


Morgan Garmo had the opportunity to go on her first blanket delivery during Fleece & Thank You’s first holiday season. She had spent her winter break helping the Fleece & Thank You team make, tag and code blankets.

An opportunity arose for Morgan to help drop off blankets at Mercy Children’s Hospital in Toledo, Ohio. After dedicated much of her free time to helping Fleece & Thank You from their very beginning she was excited to see the impact their blankets would have on pediatric inpatients.


Morgan drove down to Toledo with her aunt and uncle on Christmas Eve to deliver the 85 blankets the hospital requested. Once they arrived, a woman named Kerrie greeted them and escorted them upstairs where they would be delivering the blankets.

Kerrie informed them that many of the children they serve are from low-income areas, but they have never turned away a child for care even if they did not have insurance.

On the delivery, Morgan had the opportunity to meet a warrior who was worried about not being home for Christmas. Morgan said, “Before we walked into the room I heard the girl talking to her parents about being in the hospital for Christmas. She was worried that Santa would not know she was in the hospital and she would not wake up to any presets. After we walked into the room and started talking with the girl and her family all of her worries seemed to be forgotten. She was too busy watching the video of the person who made the blanket for her.”


Morgan knew that Fleece & Thank You’s mission was special because their goal was to connect people to a cause, but she did not realize how valuable connection was until she met that young girl.

Christmas is a time children are suppose to be home spending time with their family and friends. They are supposed to be going sledding outside and drinking hot chocolate to warm up. Yet, so many warriors lose this part of their childhood. They are stuck in a scary hospital room fighting for healthy lives.

The blankets Fleece & Thank You provides warriors are more than two pieces of fleece. Their blankets are the armor children need to win their battle. The blankets remind the children that they are not alone. They have an entire army behind them.

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