Our Inspiration

Fleece & Thank You was inspired by our friend Sophie, 4 years old and battling neuroblastoma. At a time in her life when she should be playing with dolls and meeting new friends, Sophie is taking trips to the hospital to battle one of the toughest forms of childhood cancer. This means many rounds of difficult chemotherapy treatments involving multiple overnight stays in the hospital. Sophie has had her childhood stolen from her, and it is our goal to provide hope and comfort to all children like Sophie facing hospital treatments.

Our Fight

Imagine a hospital room. Dull, white sheets on the bed. Scary beeps and boops of the monitors on the IV pole. A cold, bone-chilling temperature that makes you shiver.

It’s a scary environment to think about, and yet, every minute in America, 11 children are admitted into the hospital and face this very intimidating experience.

Stripped from their everyday routine of friends, school, sports, and activities, they are scared of the unknown future that will come with an extended hospital stay.

Right now, we face a reality that needs our urgent attention: many kids go into the hospital and are met with the scary room we just imagined. They begin their treatments in a fearful atmosphere, and a little voice in their head says, “I am defeated already.”

They are in need of comfort. They are in need of warmth. They are in need of hope.

What if we could help?


Every 60 Seconds, 11 Children In America Will Be Admitted Into The Hospital For Treatments.
Every 60 seconds, 11 children in America will be admitted into the hospital for treatments.
Each Children’s Hospital Unit Needs, On Average, 25 Blankets Every Two Weeks.
Each children’s hospital unit needs, on average, 25 blankets every two weeks.
Your Support

A blanket.

A colorful, warm piece of hope brightening the room as it waits on the hospital bed for a warrior (the name we call our blanket recipients) to walk in for the start of treatment.

The key to a child conquering the scary hospital environment is to provide them with something bright and comforting to combat the darkness. There is an inspiring power behind starting something off on a good note.

We can provide that motivation to endure long treatments, the kickstart to a successful battle, and the hope that everything is going to be alright.

With your support, we will be the overpowering voice in their head that screams, “I can beat this. I will beat this. I can fight, and I can win.”

YOU can make a blanket. YOU can make a video. YOU can make a difference.

Will you join us?

27,000 Children Are Diagnosed With A Life-threatening Illness Each Year.
27,000 children are diagnosed with a life-threatening illness each year.
More Than 10,000 Children Are Diagnosed With Cancer Every Year.
More than 10,000 children are diagnosed with cancer every year.
This Is Our Why

Our mission is to provide donors the unique opportunity to give comfort and hope to children by creating a fleece blanket and a personalized video message. The healing connection we foster by linking blanket makers to children with illnesses allows us to cheer them on at the starting line of their treatment journey. Children thrive on love and acceptance. The videos that come from every blanket maker are comforting and inspiring to the child as they realize they are not in this alone; there are people on the outside of the hospital walls who care about their fight.

We work with members of the community to make blankets and video messages, and then we deliver that comfort to the hospital. Our goal is a simple one: every child in every hospital bed receiving much-needed hope in the form of a colorful, fleece blanket at the start of treatment. We believe every warrior deserves armor for their battle, and we will continue this work until we guarantee that for every child entering the hospital for inpatient treatments.

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