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Personalizing Philanthropy with Social Media

The Millennial Generation is drastically changing the non-profit world. They live in a world with smart phones and social media, which makes connecting with people and organizations much easier.

In order for non-profits to stay on the forefront of fundraising they need to change the way they communicate. Their donors need to feel personally connected with their cause and see where their money is going.

According to the 2016 Global NGO Online Giving Report, 72% of Millennials prefer to give online. This is more than any other generation. In addition, the report found that 43% of Millennials are inspired to give by social media, while 21% are inspired by email.

In the past, emails have been a non-profits primary choice for communicating with their donors and volunteers. But now, Instead of relying on emails to connect with donors, non-profits need to use their social media platforms to connect and inspire.

When to Post to Social Media?
According to Truconverstion, analytics and feedback application, the best times and days to post to social media are as followed.

Best Time: 1PM – 3PM
Best Day: Friday
Best Time for Retweets: 5PM
Best Time for User Engagement: 12PM and 6PM
Best Days: Monday to Thursday
Best Time: 12PM – 3PM
Best Days: Thursday – Saturday
Best Time: 2PM and 5PM
Best Day: Wednesday
Best Time: 8AM – 5PM
Best Days: Monday – Friday
Best Time: 2PM – 4PM
Best Days: Friday and Saturday

How To Make Social Media More Engaging
Create a Contest
The key to having a successful contest on social media is to make sure you target it towards your audience. In order to do this, you want your hashtags and prizes to be tailored towards the people you are trying to interact with. For example, if your audience is families offer prizes that would incorporate the entire family. To build awareness for your contest, require contestants to share your post with friends and use specific hashtags to qualify for the prize.

Use Visual Content
Studies have found that the key to engaging content is using pictures, videos and infographics. Although visual content may be intimidating to create, there are ample resources available that make it easy. Our favorite tools at Fleece & Thank You are Canva and Imovie.

Find Influencers
There are two types of influencers on social media: current followers and celebrities. When your current followers share your posts they are telling their friends your organization is important to them. This encourages their friends to learn more about what you do and they might even get involved. The other type of influencers are celebrities. You might be thinking, no one in our organization knows a celebrity. But, opportunities are alway arising. For example, Fleece & Thank You’s Hospital Coordinator won teacher of the year and had Tom Izzo make a video for a Michigan State Blanket.


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