Fleece & Thank You Blanket Making Experience

Welcome to your Fleece & Thank You Blanket Making Experience! Watch our quick welcome video below to explain the easy steps to making a blanket, video, and difference!

Step #1

How To Make Your Blanket

Spread your blanket out on a clean, flat surface. Your blanket is made in four easy steps:

  1. Trim the Crust
  2. Cut the Corners
  3. Cut the Strips
  4. Tie Double Knots

Step-by-step instructions for making blankets and video messages

View PDF

Make a top-notch blanket with our square/strip template

View PDF

Step-by-step instructions for making blankets and video messages

View PDF

Upload your video by tapping the video icon on our homepage or the button below

Upload Video

Step #3


If the world sees your awesomeness, they will be awesome too! Share a photo/video of your blanket making on social media. Hold your finger (hard press) on the image to download our “I Made a Blanket Today” photo! Be sure to tag us in your post and use #ftyblanket!

You can drop your blankets at our office at any time using the drop off bin near our loading dock right out front (or use one of our trusted drop off locations!)

When returning blankets,please return them in sealed/tied plastic bags with the F&TY Blanket Return Card (came inside original package) filled out and inside the bag. If you don’t have the return card any more, print a new one using this link.

Thank you for supporting our blanket kit program. We have a dream to provide comfort to every child that is hospitalized for treatments. Thanks to your help, we are closer to achieving that dream.

Drop-off Locations