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What is Fleece & Thank You?

A Novi-based charity who specializes in making fleece blankets, then delivering them to children in hospitals all around Michigan and Northern Ohio.

Who founded Fleece & Thank You?

We were founded by two Oakland University students named Nicholas Kristock and Bryce Goulah in October of 2015.

What is a yearly goal for Fleece & Thank You?

Currently, there is on average of 30,000 children that receive hospital care per year in the Michigan area. So our goal is to make 30,000 blankets a year, to make sure every Warrior gets their armor!

What was the inspiration for Fleece & Thank You?

Our Executive Director, Nicholas, had a great relationship with a young Warrior named Sophie, while he was playing professional soccer in Australia. He and Co-Founder, Bryce, realized that there was a need for creating smiles on the faces of those children fighting their battles, and then came up with the idea of a fleece blanket for all the Warriors to stay warm and lift their spirits.

What is Make A Blanket Day?

Make A Blanket Day is a mass event held every year on August 5th! Starting in 2018, this day will be considered a state holiday. Last year we made over 1,000 blankets, and we are looking to do even more next year.


What kind of events can be scheduled?

Any group or team that wants to build solid teamwork can schedule an event to make those blanket kits into the final product. We have worked with schools, student organizations, businesses, sports teams! Basically any group that wants to boost team morale and help out for a great cause.

How do the blanket kits get brought to events?

We have designated Event Coordinators that will bring how many blankets kits you and your group decide to make, and will guide you through the blanket making process.

Blanket Kits

What is a unique aspect of the blankets?

Each blanket has a logo heat pressed on it, with a URL that contains a video of the blanket maker offering words of encouragement to our Warriors fighting their battles. Our Warriors can then send a video back with their new armor (blanket). All of this is possible through our video sharing software called Mahalo.

What is the blanket kit preparing process?

We first put rolls of fleece (100 yards long) on a roller, the design on top and the color on the bottom. We then roll the design and color out together, cutting them 2 yards at a time. After being cut, they are heat pressed with our unique logo and video URL concept. Lastly, they are folded up neatly into blanket kits, making them ready to be made at events.

What is the difference between a blanket kit and a finished blanket?

We consider blanket kits to be the product before the finished product. Blanket kits are just two pieces of fleece (design and color) folded together without actually being tied yet. The finished blanket is tied in little strips on all 4 sides through the use of the double knot. We then take that finished blanket to one of 30 pediatric units that we partner with.

How much are the blanket kits?

Blankets kits can be purchased for $28 if you buy 5 or less. At 6 kits or more, the going rate per kit drops down to $24.


How can I get involved?

On Monday/Wednesdays, we hold volunteer hours from 9:30am – 12pm. You can schedule an event with us, if you want to make some blankets for our Warriors, or we also accept donations on our website.

If I can’t make it to volunteer on Mondays/Wednesdays, are there other days where I can come help?

Of course! If you let us know a day and time in advance, we can have someone come open/supervise the warehouse. We are always looking for more volunteers, so we are becoming more flexible in terms of warehouse volunteer hours.

Where can I drop my finished blankets off?!

“We accept finished blankets at ANY of the #dropoff sites listed below on the map! Please check the details by clicking on the pin for site hours and protocols.

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