Fleece & Thank You Events

Want to host a blanket-making event? We provide the team, materials, and tools to make blankets with your group, and then we deliver these blankets to a battleground near you! Our events are great for team building, birthday parties, schools, family get-togethers, or any other group looking to give back!

Book your event here, or find out more info!

Other ways to support the cause!

Get high school athletic programs involved and the team that makes the most blankets in a given event wins a prize! Here are other great ideas:

Charity Sports Tournaments: Hockey, Soccer, Basketball, etc.
- Volunteer
- Blanket Making Events
- School Competitions
- Donations
- Fundraisers
- Buy Apparel
- Advertise at your place of business
- Jean’s Day Fundraiser at your school or office

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