Here are 3 steps to creating a blanket and message!

1. Purchase a Fleece & Thank You Blanket Kit

blanket kits stacked
blanket kit

Our blanket kits are $28* and have three unique features that provide value to our warriors in the hospital.  *(purchasing 6 or more qualifies for our event pricing of $24! Contact us if an event applies to you!)

  • 100% of the proceeds of the blanket kit go toward delivering an amazing experience to a child at the beginning of their treatment.These are the central source of funding for our mission. Where a fabric store sells you just the fleece, our kits are an all-inclusive donation that gets the blanket from the maker’s hands to a hospital bed with a video message for the warrior receiving it. 
  • Our blanket kits provide a friend in a time of need. Every blanket has a special patch that carries the video message from the maker. This is a comforting face in a scary time for the child in the hospital, and providing this connection is a huge reason why we do what we do.
  • Our kits are made in our warehouse by a group of young adults and adults with disabilities. It is our goal to employ them full-time soon, and the purchase of our kits supports that secondary mission.
  • With hospital partnerships across the state, we deliver your blanket to the next children’s unit in MI with warriors that need your comfort.
  • Our blanket kits help fight cancer! 2% of your blanket kit donation supports pediatric cancer research through one of our cancer research partners. Our current partner is St. Jude’s Children’s Hospital.

Our blanket kit is much more than just the fleece. Our blanket kit is an inspirational experience for the sick child, paid forward by you and made by your hands.

Your purchase of our blanket kits allow us to take blankets from your event directly to a hospital, eliminating processing times back at our warehouse. This allows us to provide quicker response times for hospitals that need blankets quickly.

blanket kit

Contact us to arrange a purchase or submit payment securely through PayPal.

2. Make Your Blanket and Message

How to make a blanket PDF

How to create a video PDF

Other helpful docs to download:

Click below for our cut-out-able (yes, it's a word) Blanket Square/Strip Template

Click below for the famous, super-duper handy, printable instruction sheet!

3. Send Your Message

Once you have finished making your blanket, it’s time to make your message to the warrior that will receive your blanket!
When your message is ready, use one of these buttons to upload it:

Not sure what to say in your video message? Here are examples of some messages to our warriors.

Use a smartphone, camera, or computer to film your short message to the warrior that will receive your blanket!

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