Thank you for making a blanket! Now it's time to create your message!

Step 1: Click the green “Upload Video” button to begin the video message process (or click the grey button to begin the picture message process).

Step 2: Enter the first names of the people who made the blanket (ex: Tasha, Dane, Chloe, Sophie) and enter up to 2 email addresses that the thank-you response video from the recipient can be sent to.

Step 3: Click the yellow¬†Select/Record Video and film the message on your phone. Then click the green “Submit Video” button.

Step 4: You will see the “Congrats!” page come up with a bold code (ex: tashadan250). If you are using a F&TY blanket kit, write this exact code into the code box on the patch with a black permanent marker.

If you have any questions or issues at all, you can always email or call us at (248) 444-6004!

Check out this video for more help on how to make your message!

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